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    • The President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project protects millions of people in Africa from malaria by spraying insecticide on walls and ceilings to kill mosquitoes that transmit the disease. With PMI’s support, more than 18 million in Africa people have been protected through indoor residual spraying. / Jessica Scranton
      Shrinking the Malaria Map
      by on 24th April 2015

      The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) is working to eradicate malaria, a completely preventable and treatable disease. For World Malaria Day, U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator Adm. Ziemer talks about PMI’s successes and what still needs to be done.

    • Astou Ndiaye shows off her ball-handling skills at last year’s launch of Live, Learn, and Play, a partnership between USAID and the National Basketball Association. / Zack Taylor, USAID
      Slam Dunk: Empowering African Women Through Sports
      by on 23rd April 2015

      Astou Ndiaye came from humble beginnings to the world of basketball, from living with 20 siblings in her native Senegal to making a name for herself in the WNBA. In the process, she became strong, confident and dedicated--she now hopes USAID sports programs can help youth achieve the same.

    • Celebrity musical guests at last weekend’s Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day included Train frontman Pat Monahan. / Ellie Van Houtte, USAID
      5 Memorable Moments from Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day
      by on 22nd April 2015

      More than 250,000 people attended Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day last weekend in Washington, D.C. Check out memorable quotes and photos from the event to inspire action to fight climate change and poverty on the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

    • Orphaned by the Ebola crisis, a young girl carries freshly harvested crops to the home of Harriet B. Quenisseeir. Harriet and her husband have welcomed 35 youth--most orphaned by Ebola--into their home. USAID is using food distributions to help ensure that all 35 are fed, happy and healthy. / Adam Parr, USAID
      Rebuilding Liberia As Ebola Cases Decline
      by on 20th April 2015

      Liberia was hit hard by Ebola. But as the number of Ebola cases gets close to zero, new stories, signs of hope and efforts to rebuild are emerging. USAID is committed to supporting a full Liberian recovery--this is what that commitment looks like.

    • A little girl prepares to get her final round of adolescent shots at the Star of the Sea clinic in Monrovia, Liberia. / Adam Parr, USAID
      From Vaccinations to Vitamins: Ensuring West Africans Get Critical Care Amid Ebola Crisis
      by on 18th April 2015

      Now that new Ebola cases are starting to decline in West Africa, USAID is focusing on re-establishing and strengthening health systems. At the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert today, the Agency announced that $126M will go toward this goal.

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      Road to Redemption: How One Liberian Hospital is Recovering from Ebola
      by on 17th April 2015

      Redemption Hospital took on some of the earliest Ebola patients. When 12 health care workers became infected, the hospital was forced to shut down. USAID and the International Rescue Committee have since partnered to renovate and reopen the hospital’s emergency and pediatric wards.

    • Anne-Flore Hivet leads social mobilization efforts for French Red Cross in Forécariah, Guinea and acts as a chief tour guide inside its Ebola treatment facility. / Carol Han, USAID/OFDA
      Battling Ebola: How Tours into Guinea’s Hot Zone are Helping in the Fight
      by on 16th April 2015

      Fears of organ harvesting. Belief that health care workers are actually giving Ebola rather than treating it. With rumors like these, it's no wonder why some Guineans are afraid of Ebola treatment centers. USAID is funding the French Red Cross not only to run an Ebola treatment center, but also to take a novel approach to help fight the community's fears.

    • A national monitoring team meets during a field visit to a mass drug administration in Ghana. / FHI360
      Ending the ‘Neglect’ in Neglected Tropical Diseases
      by on 15th April 2015

      USAID is committed to supporting the control and elimination of some of the most debilitating neglected tropical diseases around the world. We have the drugs we need from strategic partnerships, giving us the ability to treat millions. Now, countries must also step up and dedicate their own resources to fighting these diseases.

    • Border crossings like this one at Bo Waterside in Liberia were closed for six months due to the Ebola outbreak. / Carol Han, USAID/OFDA
      Working to Beat Ebola Along the Border
      by on 15th April 2015

      Many Liberian businesses were hit hard when Ebola caused the border between Liberia and Sierra Leone to close for six months. USAID and Global Communities have built screening and triage stations so that people can safely travel between the countries again.

    • Rwanda Literacy Week celebrated reading and writing across the country. / Jonathan Padway, USAID
      Young Storytellers and the Power of Literacy
      by on 14th April 2015

      In Rwanda, a land with an oral history as rich and beautiful as the hills that roll across it, one tale is special. The story “Old Woman and a Hyena” was written by an 11-year-old boy who won a USAID-supported national writing competition.

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