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    • USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia Paige Alexander and Head of Dopomoha Dnipra Foundation Vladislav Makarov sign a Memorandum of Understanding by which USAID will provide funds to assist an additional 200 internally displaced persons
      United with Ukraine: Hope, Progress, and the Challenging Road Ahead
      by on 30th September 2014

      From the resilience on display at the Dnipropetrovsk center for internally displaced persons, to the packed halls where civil society representatives work for a better Ukraine, Paige Alexander observes U.S. assistance at work and reiterates the U.S. Government’s commitment to a stable, democratic and resilient Ukraine.

    • Chinwe Ohajuruka, an American educated architect and business women is creating a model for green and affordable housing units in Nigeria.
      Diaspora Businesses Find Success in Africa and Beyond
      by on 29th September 2014

      Want to build a global business? Start it in Africa. A partnership between USAID and Western Union is helping promising entrepreneurs with roots on the continent to build high-impact businesses.

    • Health care workers put on Personal protective equipment (PPE) before going into the hot zone at Island Clinic in Monrovia, Liberia on Sept 22 2014. / Morgana Wingard, USAID
      A Grand Challenge to Help Health Care Workers Fight Ebola
      by on 26th September 2014

      Today, West Africa faces the largest Ebola epidemic in history. A new Grand Challenge for Development is calling on innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs to design better protective solutions for the health care workers leading the battle against Ebola from the front lines.

    • A boy and a woman struggle with the dusty wind looking for water in Wajir, Kenya
      Obama Administration Launches Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture
      by on 26th September 2014

      From record droughts in Kansas to deadly wildfires in California, the United States is feeling the effects of climate change. These same conditions have a dire impact across the developing world, especially for poor, rural smallholder farmers whose very lives are threatened every time the rains arrive late, the floods rush in, or the temperature soars.

    • NES/EE vaginal ring. / Julie Sitney
      Five Promising Innovations in Contraception
      by on 26th September 2014

      USAID is developing innovative new contraceptive methods to meet the needs of millions of women across the globe. Enabling women to decide whether, when and how many children to have is vital to safe motherhood and healthy families.

    • ebola_profiles_150
      René Van Slate: “I’ve pretty much done everything that terrifies me… except for Ebola”
      by on 25th September 2014

      This is the first blog in our Profiles in Courage series in which photojournalist Morgana Wingard compiles snapshots and sound bites from our USAID and Disaster Assistance Response Team staff on the front lines of the Ebola response. Here she talks to a veteran in humanitarian disaster assistance, René Van Slate, who serves as a liaison between the military on the ground and the U.S. civilian team.

    • Monrovia, Liberia - September 18, 2014: West Point, a township of 20,000 to 80,000 people, is a hot zone for the Ebola virus.
      Liberia Gripped By Ebola’s Many Tentacles
      by on 24th September 2014

      This is the second blog in our Daily Dispatches series in which we've teamed up with photojournalist Morgana Wingard, who is on the ground with USAID staff in Liberia documenting the fight on Ebola. These photos were taken in mid September and show the many ways that Ebola is impacting the lives and livelihoods of ordinary Liberians. They were provided courtesy of the United Nations Development Program.

    • Health care workers put on personal protective equipment before going into the hot zone at the Island Clinic in Monrovia
      Powering The Ebola Response: Monrovia’s Island Clinic
      by on 23rd September 2014

      This is the first blog in our Daily Dispatches series in which we've teamed up with photojournalist Morgana Wingard, who is on the ground with USAID staff in Liberia documenting the fight against Ebola. Here she visits the newly opened Island Clinic, in Monrovia, where health care workers respond to the surge of patients needing care, and where USAID is helping “power” the response by providing much-needed generators to the operation.

    • Supported by USAID, the Cofan indigenous people of Ecuador are working to become more united and stronger to continue conserving biodiversity within their territories.
      The U.N. World Conference on Indigenous People: An Opportunity for Real Change
      by on 22nd September 2014

      Although they make up less than 5 percent of the global population, indigenous peoples are guardians of nearly two thirds of the world’s languages, over 80 percent of its biodiversity, and most of the genetic diversity of the planet’s seed crops. As we struggle to find solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges, the importance of indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge cannot be overestimated.

    • The World Bank finds that when a girl completes her primary education, she will earn more over her lifetime. These young girls are taking part of a school feeding program in the commune of Mbao, near Dakar, Senegal..
      Millennium Development Goals: Interconnected Web of Individual Goals
      by on 22nd September 2014

      In 465 days we will see which Millennium Development Goals we achieved and where we fell short. As the focus sharpens on progress and impediments to reaching our objectives, the clearer it becomes that the eight MDGs are fundamentally interdependent. So, how do we manage the connections to maximize progress?

    • A farmer ploughs his field in a village in West Bengal, India. The Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge for Development is helping harness ideas that have the potential to enable developing world farmers to grow more food with less water, or to make more water available for agriculture.
      Water, Food and Extreme Poverty
      by on 19th September 2014

      USAID is harnessing the power of innovation to address one of the most pressing challenges in the developing world -- securing water for food. Learn more about the most exciting ideas we’ve received!

    • 140814-lbr-wingard-0513-web
      An Unprecedented Response to the Ebola Crisis
      by on 17th September 2014

      Today the world is facing the largest and most-protracted Ebola epidemic in history. Yesterday, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, President Obama declared the Ebola epidemic in West Africa a top national security priority and announced a clear, comprehensive, and global strategy to stop the outbreak.