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    • Audrey Rangel
      “I’ve Never Had a Job Like This”: Life Inside an Ebola Treatment Unit
      by on 21st October 2014

      California nurse, Audrey Rangel, works at the Ebola treatment unit in Bong County. She explains what it's really like and talks about one of the patients she met inside. Watch the video and go inside the Ebola response with Audrey.

    • Yeshi, a professional milkmaid, milks cows for households throughout Bishoftu twice a day—early in the morning and again at night. / CNFA
      Livestock Production: Empowering Women in Ethiopia
      by on 20th October 2014

      Through livestock and agricultural training, USAID is helping women farmers in Ethiopia take on leadership roles in their communities.

    • Bangladeshi farmer Jalal Kha talks over a mobile phone as he works in his paddy field. / AFP, Farjana K. Godhuly
      The Digital Development Opportunity
      by on 20th October 2014

      New technologies have created unprecedented opportunities to end extreme poverty. USAID is proud to endorse a set of guidelines on digital development, the Greentree Principles, to help ensure we’re effectively harnessing digital technology to transform lives.

    • Justin-Pendarvis
      Justin Pendarvis: “We have to demystify Ebola. It’s not a superhuman and magical thing.”
      by on 17th October 2014

      This is the third in our Profiles in Courage series in which photojournalist Morgana Wingard compiles snapshots and sound bites from our USAID and Disaster Assistance Response Team staff on the front lines of the Ebola response. Here she and USAID’s Natalie Hawwa talk to the first man on the ground with USAID’s Disaster Assistance Response Team, Public Health Advisor Justin Pendarvis.

    • Food distribution in South Sudan. / World Food Program
      2014: A Year of Food Assistance
      by on 16th October 2014

      Over the past year, USAID has responded to several large-scale humanitarian crises using new and innovative approaches to food assistance.

      Announcing USAID’s Open Data Policy
      by on 15th October 2014

      USAID has just released its first ever open data policy. We want you engaged in the process!

    • A child eats his ready-to-use therapeutic food to treat his malnutrition. / USAID, Katie McKenna
      An Outsized Problem with a Small-sized Solution
      by on 15th October 2014

      In the small country of Burundi, malnutrition is an elephant-sized problem, and has remained stubbornly high across the population. See how USAID is changing that with a new food product.

    • Photo of woman with ink on finger
      Standing with Civil Society
      by on 15th October 2014

      Larry Garber highlights the importance of civil society and the need for USAID to ensure that, when it comes to civil society, our financial investments are met by our political commitments.

    • Vietnam Red Cross and local volunteers organize an evacuation of older community members during a flood simulation drill. / Brian Heidel, USAID
      Reducing Disaster Risk for All Generations
      by on 13th October 2014

      This year’s International Day for Disaster Reduction emphasizes the need to ensure that disaster planning and mitigation efforts are inclusive of all people, particularly the aging population. The day also recognizes the experience and knowledge that the aging population can bring to disaster preparedness--showing that all generations can learn from one another by working together before disasters strike to reduce risk and increase resilience.

    • Health workers in personal protective equipment (PPE) wait to enter the hot zone at Island Clinic in Monrovia, Liberia on Sept 22. 2014. PPE is their primary protection, but it is also the greatest source of stress
      Calling all Innovators to Help Fight Ebola
      by on 9th October 2014

      Today, West Africa faces the largest Ebola epidemic in history. A new Grand Challenge for Development is calling on innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs to generate pioneering solutions that help health care workers on the front lines provide better care and contain this devastating virus.

    • Entrance to the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research -- once a testing facility for Hepatitis B, currently the national lab for diseases like Malaria, Cholera, and now, Ebola.
      The Fight on Ebola Continues in the Lab
      by on 7th October 2014

      The Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research was established in the 1970s as a premier research facility to develop scientific breakthroughs for a variety of viral infections, including hepatitis. Now, the facility finds itself drawn into an epidemiological battle against another outbreak, this time as one of only a handful of laboratories where Ebola specimens are sent to be tested. The U.S. Government is joining forces to boost its capacity.

    • blog_100614_palmoil_th
      New Promise for a Greener, More Productive Future in Indonesia
      by on 6th October 2014

      Indonesia’s Chamber of Commerce and four of the world’s biggest palm oil companies announced a zero-deforestation palm oil pledge at the U.N. Climate Summit 2014 in New York. The U.S. supports this historic announcement and will stand with Indonesia as the country pursues a future of cleaner, more sustainable growth.