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    • Supported by USAID, the Cofan indigenous people of Ecuador are working to become more united and stronger to continue conserving biodiversity within their territories.
      The U.N. World Conference on Indigenous People: An Opportunity for Real Change
      by on 22nd September 2014

      Although they make up less than 5 percent of the global population, indigenous peoples are guardians of nearly two thirds of the world’s languages, over 80 percent of its biodiversity, and most of the genetic diversity of the planet’s seed crops. As we struggle to find solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges, the importance of indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge cannot be overestimated.

    • The World Bank finds that when a girl completes her primary education, she will earn more over her lifetime. These young girls are taking part of a school feeding program in the commune of Mbao, near Dakar, Senegal..
      Millennium Development Goals: Interconnected Web of Individual Goals
      by on 22nd September 2014

      In 465 days we will see which Millennium Development Goals we achieved and where we fell short. As the focus sharpens on progress and impediments to reaching our objectives, the clearer it becomes that the eight MDGs are fundamentally interdependent. So, how do we manage the connections to maximize progress?

    • A farmer ploughs his field in a village in West Bengal, India. The Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge for Development is helping harness ideas that have the potential to enable developing world farmers to grow more food with less water, or to make more water available for agriculture.
      Water, Food and Extreme Poverty
      by on 19th September 2014

      USAID is harnessing the power of innovation to address one of the most pressing challenges in the developing world -- securing water for food. Learn more about the most exciting ideas we’ve received!

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      An Unprecedented Response to the Ebola Crisis
      by on 17th September 2014

      Today the world is facing the largest and most-protracted Ebola epidemic in history. Yesterday, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, President Obama declared the Ebola epidemic in West Africa a top national security priority and announced a clear, comprehensive, and global strategy to stop the outbreak.

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      5 Things You Didn’t Know About Female Condoms
      by on 16th September 2014

      In honor of Global Female Condom Day, read and share these five facts about female condoms, and help ensure that we continue celebrating successes in advancing sexual and reproductive health for all.

    • Alumni of the 4th edition of the Certificate in Leadership and Political Management course, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. / Corina Fuentes
      International Day of Democracy: Engaging Young People on Democracy
      by on 15th September 2014

      Young people play a vital role in our efforts to promote resilient, democratic societies. Youth are not only the “leaders of tomorrow,” but a driving force for change today. They often are more willing to take risks and push for democratic change when others have become apathetic, subservient to undemocratic regimes, or are risk averse.

    • Photo by: Kevin Ouma/TechnoServe. Submitted by Natalya Podgorny
      Ending Extreme Poverty: Frontiers in Development Photo Contest Top 5
      by on 11th September 2014

      USAID’s Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning is proud to share the top 5 photos from their Frontiers in Development photo competition. Which are your favorites?

    • Students using tablets during a lesson at a classroom in the Ban San Kong school of Mae Chan, a town located in Thailand's northern province of Chiang Rai. / AFP, Christophe Archambault
      A Thank You to our Partners in Literacy
      by on 8th September 2014

      More and more, through our Agency’s ambitious reform agenda, USAID Forward, we create innovative partnerships with the private sector and work in tandem with governments and ministries to identify barriers to education and to remove them.

    • BioLite conducts a nighttime training on its low-cost biomass Homestove
      The $1 Trillion Market Opportunity: Taking Innovations to the Next Level
      by on 31st August 2014

      Meet 11 exciting innovators from around the world who will attend next week’s Social Capital Markets Conference in San Francisco with a delegation from the U.S. Global Development Lab. Joining 2000 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors, these innovators will seek to connect with impact investors and take their game-changing ideas to the next level.

    • A baby receives life-saving drugs. / Anna Zeminski, AFP / Getty Images
      An Opportunity of 300,000 Lifetimes
      by on 27th August 2014

      A new $200 million initiative by PEPFAR and CIFF will double the total number of children receiving life-saving ART across 10 priority African countries over the next two years, bringing us closer to achieving an AIDS-Free Generation.

    • The Feed the Future Project is linking markets in Mozambique with mobile phones
      Are you using USAID’s data? We want to hear about it!
      by on 22nd August 2014

      USAID is committed to development innovation and wants to improve user experience with our data. Do you use USAID data? Tell us about it!

    • USAID-related science programs assist in expanding training for women. / Zahur Ramji (AKDN)
      The Power of Scientific Research Investment in Africa
      by on 21st August 2014

      Earlier this month, the New York Times published an op-ed arguing persuasively that scientific and technological progress is the key to African development. We are pleased to say that this vision is one that USAID fully supports and has already taken significant steps to catalyze. Today, Africans are the architects of their development, not just beneficiaries.