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    • The $1 Trillion Market Opportunity: Taking Innovations to the Next Level
      by on 31st August 2014

      Meet 11 exciting innovators from around the world who will attend next week’s Social Capital Markets Conference in San Francisco with a delegation from the U.S. Global Development Lab. Joining 2000 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors, these innovators will seek to connect with impact investors and take their game-changing ideas to the next level.

    • A baby receives life-saving drugs. / Anna Zeminski, AFP / Getty Images
      An Opportunity of 300,000 Lifetimes
      by on 27th August 2014

      A new $200 million initiative by PEPFAR and CIFF will double the number of children receiving life-saving antiretroviral therapy, bringing us closer to achieving an AIDS-Free Generation.

    • The Feed the Future Project is linking markets in Mozambique with mobile phones
      Are you using USAID’s data? We want to hear about it!
      by on 22nd August 2014

      USAID is committed to development innovation and wants to improve user experience with our data. Do you use USAID data? Tell us about it!

    • USAID-related science programs assist in expanding training for women. / Zahur Ramji (AKDN)
      The Power of Scientific Research Investment in Africa
      by on 21st August 2014

      Earlier this month, the New York Times published an op-ed arguing persuasively that scientific and technological progress is the key to African development. We are pleased to say that this vision is one that USAID fully supports and has already taken significant steps to catalyze. Today, Africans are the architects of their development, not just beneficiaries.

    • WoeLab inventor Afate Gniko with his e-waste 3D printer. /
      Making for a Stronger Africa
      by on 19th August 2014

      The Maker Movement is transforming the way we design and produce things – both here at home and overseas. With young African leaders having recently converged on Washington, we got a first hand look at how makers are shaking up the continent

    • Our partner Catholic Relief Services distributes life-saving aid from OFDA airlifts to those affected by the ongoing crisis in the Central African Republic. /Catholic Relief Services
      Providing Humanitarian Assistance During Unprecedented Times
      by on 19th August 2014

      Today is World Humanitarian Day, a day to commemorate the fallen relief workers who died in the 2003 bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad, as well as the thousands of others who have given their lives to help those in need. Last year marked the most violent year for aid organizations in the past decade: 155 relief staff were killed, 168 were injured, and 132 were kidnapped. This is always a sobering day, but is all the more so this year as we mourn the six aid workers just recently murdered in South Sudan and the many health care staff in West Africa who have sacrificed their lives treating those with Ebola.

    • The West African Ebola outbreak is the worst outbreak in history, affecting four countries. The U.N. World Health Organization declared it an international health emergency
      On the Frontlines of the Ebola Response: an Inside Look at a Program to Help the Grieving
      by on 18th August 2014

      In Liberia, a country gripped by Ebola, the outbreak has not only taken its toll on health care workers but also on the professionals who comfort the grieving.

    • Caption Forthcoming / Lisa Marie Albert
      How Gender Analyses Shaped the Future of Microbicides
      by on 15th August 2014

      Three key takeaways: USAID-supported gender analyses in South Africa and Kenya zero in on the best ways to effectively introduce microbicides, an HIV prevention method that women can control.

    • USAID and The World Food Programme providing humanitarian aid to Iraq / USAID
      Crises on Four Fronts: Rising to the Call
      by on 12th August 2014

      From Mount Sinjar in Iraq to vulnerable communities in South Sudan; battling Ebola in West Africa, and in the refugee camps on the Syrian border: This is the first time in our Agency’s history that we have been called on to manage four large-scale humanitarian responses at once—in addition to reaching other vulnerable populations worldwide and preparing communities ahead of natural disasters. We are not working alone. We are grateful to our U.N., NGO, and local partners, who have demonstrated exceptional fortitude and compassion in the face of relentless tragedy.

    • Girl students at Shalom Community School, Lusaka, Zambia
      The Power of the Classroom
      by on 12th August 2014

      Girls in many parts of Africa face extraordinary obstacles to get an education. However, Senior Gender Coordinator for USAID, Susan Markham, explains the almost immeasurable value that such an opportunity can provide.

    • nimna1
      Sharing Agricultural Success with President Obama: One Year Later
      by on 8th August 2014

      It’s been a year since Nimna Diayte met President Obama in Senegal when he stopped by for a chat at her booth at the Feed the Future Agricultural Technology Marketplace. The president was impressed by Nimna’s can-do attitude and the way she had become a community leader and entrepreneur. Nimna made quite the impression! In fact, President Obama even mentioned her last week during a discussion at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum in Washington, DC.

    • A ‘connected’ farmer is sharing information with a ‘non-connected’ farmer in his community. / USAID/Pakistan
      Mobile Agriculture: A Lifeline for Pakistan’s Farmers
      by on 6th August 2014

      USAID is boosting rural incomes through “mobile agriculture,” a promising technology that sends crucial information and financial services directly to farmers’ mobile phones.